Gruntled University's Improving Personal Effectiveness Services:  


Behavior Patterns


Personal Empowerment Workshop:

Our own and others’ behavior often derails us from meeting our goals. The Personal Empowerment Workshop helps you meet your personal goals by understanding why people behave the way they do. You will also learn how to react to others’ stressful behavior and influence them by changing your own behavior.


Behavior Chart

Personal Behavior Assessment: 

Find out your personal behavior preferences (passive, dominant, independent, or interdependent). E-learning courses and a self-paced workbook help participants discover how to influence others’ behavior by changing their own behavior.


Book Cover

Personal Effectiveness Coaching: 

A coach helps you discover what behaviors are impeding your happiness and success in life/work and the mental, emotional, and physical reasons for your behavior.  You will receive assistance on how to deal with challenging situations and how to respond to others' inappropriate behavior.